Hospitality’s Best Kept Secret


  • Calander and Integration

    Tired of having to set a calendar reminder to follow up with those pesky hotels that just WONT ANSWER! pew! We now do that for you. We send them follow ups until they reply or get annoyed and reply :). In the end we help get it done! We have automated notifications that keeps the hotels responses in check making sure they respond in a timely manner.

  • Compare

    Compare your favorited hotels and print that out to take it to your next meeting. Stop going through those excel tabs trying to remember what the price of an extra bed or how big their meeting room is.

  • Email Hotels Directly

    Being a member you can find and talk until your heart content with any of the hotels on our platform, email them directly or through our platform which ever your preference.

  • Review

    So we are not yelp, we don't ask people who are not experts in the field to review something they don't know about. Find real reviews from verified planners that will tell all about working with that venue.

  • Social Network

    Looking to vent or just get some great tips form local Event Planners or just kick back and have a zoom with someone that gets you? We have got you covered with our growing community.

  • Support

    Search and filter the listings based on what is important to you. F & B, Rooms, Booking Policies or Discounts, Perks, Distances & More.